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My name is Janet Reigel and this website is intended to give you a preview of the services and approach that I use in my work as a psychologist (for adults, age 18 and older), group facilitator, and interpersonal skills coach. If you have questions or need additional information please feel free to contact me directly at my work phone or e-mail. Prior to meeting with a new client, I typically arrange a brief phone consultation so we can exchange information to make sure that my practice is a good fit for you. If, for any reason, my schedule or services are not workable, I will do my best to refer you to an alternative provider.


As a student of Western Psychology and Eastern philosophy for many years, it has been my hope to bring a blend of perspectives to my professional practice.  I am grateful for contemporary behavioral research and neuroscience, and for the mindful teachings of modern and ancient masters who invite us to expand our awareness, deepen our grasp of what is truly important, and act in service of our values.


With heartfelt best wishes,



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